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What is Palmers Scream?

In early 2015 an old manuscript was discovered in Southgate Town Hall. It tells the story of witches buried under the boating lake in Broomfield Park. Before they were caught and entombed under a layer of concrete surrounded by a protective circle of nine willow trees they ran a reign of terror.

The old manuscript gives a warning of their coming back but tells us how to stop their return. Fortunately it says that the more fun we all have the stronger our defences will be. It also tells us of a very specific event which should take place on Halloween itself. This should be a time of fun, light, and giving to others, before everyone joins in with the Palmer’s Scream!

After the time of fun we are all asked to circle the boating lake and once 7 o’clock is struck, under the guidance of a conductor, all make the Cast:

Pointing to each of the nine surrounding willow trees in turn we count out:-

“One; two; three; four; five; six; seven; eight; nine, not eight but nine, with nine we are safe.”

At which point we all scream and make as much noise as possible – we think this may be to scare the witches – and then leave the park making sure we take our shadows with us.

So at 5:30 on Halloween at the boating lake the Friends of Broomfield Park have arranged for much fun, light and giving for everyone to enjoy before we all make the Palmers Scream!

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