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Quiz Night at Eversley Primary School

Friday night, parents, teachers and no children. The mood was set for an evening of fun at the Eversley Primary School Quiz Night and so Range Homes were bound to get involved in the end of week shenanigans.

This year we had the privilege of sponsoring the quiz night at Eversley Primary School and were glad to be involved directly with an important faction of the community. It is not often that teachers and parents gather for non academic reasons and it was good to see everyone relax with a drink or two (or three) and some challenging quiz questions.

There was a great turn out and the teams came prepared with food, laughter and drink. This event felt very friendly and there was a great atmosphere created by the end of the evening. A brilliant way for the school to raise some extra funds and for parents to have some fun while doing it.

We look forward to next year and we’ll definitely be the winning team this time.