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Local Group Honoured For Transforming Bowling Green Into Orchard

The Broomfield Community Orchard Group
The Broomfield Community Orchard Group

The Broomfield Community Orchard group have won a prize for transforming a disused bowling green into a thriving orchard, used for community activities such as music events and skills training.

The community group collected a Tree and Woodland award at London City Hall for its work at Broomfield Park, in Palmers Green.

The awards were presented on Wednesday as part of London Tree Week, an annual event to celebrate London’s trees and woodlands.

Other awards included the Street Tree Award, which was given to the Queensbridge Neighbours Tree Project. A project initiated by local residents to improve their neighbourhood by planting 50 trees.

The Trees and Development Award was given to The Angel Building, Islington for the retention and careful management of 37 mature trees and the exemplary planting of a further 37 semi mature trees.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: “I hope as many people as possible get to enjoy London Tree Week events and celebrate one of the leafiest and greenest cities in Europe.”