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How To Save Energy In Your Home

Saving Energy At Home
Saving Energy At Home

Saving energy at home, means saving money. Often, a few simple lifestyle changes can save you hundreds of pounds every year.

Although, some of these changes alone might only save you £10, £20 or £30 a year – combined, you could be looking at some fairly substantial savings.

When venturing to make your house more energy efficient, here are some energy saving ideas to take into consideration:

1. Use energy saving light bulbs. They last up to 10 times longer than ordinary bulbs.

2. When washing clothes, set your machine to 30-40 °C. The higher the temperature, the more you’re paying.

3. Limit your use of portable heaters. They’re great for “spot” heating, but they can be expensive.

4. Use microwaves and toaster ovens to warm leftovers as they use less energy than a conventional oven.

5. Set your dishwashers to economy mode, in order to use less water and electricity.

6. Hang up your laundry. Air-dry your clothes rather than tumble drying them whenever possible.

7. Take a shower instead of a bath. Baths tend to use a vast amount of hot water compared to a shower.

8.  Spend less time in the shower; spending just 1 minute less in the shower every day will save £10 off your annual energy bills.

9. Turn your lights off when you’re not using them.

10. Be careful of running water. For example, using a bowl to wash up dishes rather than a running tap can save you £30 a year in energy bills.

11. When boiling the kettle, only fill it with as much water as you need.

12. Consider loft insulation. Installing loft insulation could save around £140 a year.

13. Ensure all electrical appliances are turned off at the plug when not in use. Some items can still use energy when plugged in, even if the appliance has been turned off.

14. If you use a clothes dryer, ensure you clean the lint filter after every couple of uses (this will help it run more efficiently helping to save electricity).

15.  Unplug your phone from the charger when your phone is fully charged. Moreover, ensure that you turn off the plug for the charger when nothing is being charged.

Being more careful and efficient with your energy usage is a great way to save money. Furthermore, saving energy helps protect our environment. By conserving energy resources, we can enjoy cleaner air and a healthier environment, and we can help protect the climate by reducing green house gases.