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 DATE: 26/03/2020 


We would like to give you some information on how we are operating with the new changes made by the extreme unfortunate circumstances that we are all in at this moment. 

All Range Homes staff are currently working so we can continue to offer you the service and time you deserve. 

We are continuing viewings remotely via video calls etc., 

We are valuing properties via face time and desktop valuations. There is still movement on the property market. 

We are working under strict government guidelines. I recently having completed extensive training this past week on how things need to adapt during this time for the company and the country to operate. Therefore, if you need to ask any particular questions or need advice please feel free to ask. 

Chasing Rents 

Since the start of the virus there has been a lot of questions to tenants having to pay rents and landlords having to pay their mortgages. 

The simple answer is, things are not that clear yet. However, currently there are a lot of U.K. landlords who are trying to start a campaign called #keeptherentflowing so if you see anything on this campaign, please do support it, as it maintains rent payments for all the landlords. 

Rest assured we are chasing rents daily and also keeping up with rental payments to you all as normal. We have set up a new system in place for tenants to make it easy for them as possible to pay the rents!! 

If your tenants do approach you, we would ask you not to come to an agreement before Range Homes knowing, as the news can be simply misinforming you of the correct channels to take. 

We are all fully trained with how to deal with the current emergency so please let Range Homes handle this for you. 


There is a new legislation coming into play which states Section 21 and Section 8 will have a three month wait period and we cannot apply to court until the 30th September 2020. 

Therefore, we recommend us all being patient with current tenants and understanding to get through these times together, we are here to maintain healthy relationships with your tenants. 

In difficult times like these, it shows the importance of having a managing agent who can maintain these relationships on your behalf. 


We also have set up a new maintenance telephone number if you need to contact for maintenance issues. Please now call on …………….: 

Inspections currently are on hold by government guidelines but we may start a video call inspection service in the upcoming weeks to avoid any backlogs in the future. 

Gas Safety, NIC Certificated and EPC ‘s are also legal requirements, therefore these will continue to be carried out. Again, these are government guidelines we must adhere to. 

Fire Safety Checks 

We also are in the process in the upcoming future will start a Fire Safety Check Service. We have also been informed by Fire Brigade Service that checks on fire alarms in properties are required to be monitored every 6-12 months. This is a difficult task to carry out at the moment, but we are working on this. 


Currently surveyors are on hold, hence no surveys are being carried out physically by the surveyor, but we have spoken to some banks who are carrying out desktop surveys. 

Completion dates in May maybe delayed, however most solicitors are still working and all of our sales are still being worked on via our own sales team together with all the solicitors we are dealing with. 

Thank You 

We want to assure you that we are still doing all we can to provide you the best service even if this is without leaving home. 

We at Range Homes are with you every step of the way in good and these unprecedented times. 

The demand for property in London will always be there. So, rest assured that you have chosen the right agent to be here for you in these times and we want to thank you for all your support. 

We will continue to support you, also working even harder than ever in times like these. 

Please stay safe and stay home, 

Warmest regards 

Chanel Ali 


Range Homes Sales and Lettings Ltd