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7 Ways To Make Your Property More Attractive For Sale

When it comes to selling your property, little details can make a big difference to any potential buyer.

Although many buyers choose to show their homes to prospective buyers with dirty laundry on the floor and crumbs on the kitchen counter, we believe that the power of persuasion is all in the final touches.

1. Parking

If you are expecting a viewer, try to leave a space for them to park near your house. If your potential buyer has to park very far from the house, it is likely they will associate your road with parking problems.

2. De-Clutter and Clean

Its amazing how much a quick tidy up before a viewing can make a big difference. Having a clean and clutter free home will not only make your space seem bigger, but will also help buyers envisage how they could use the space.

Too much clutter can take the focus off the house, so put away any bikes, shoes and piles of coats to ensure your potential buyers are focusing on the space and not on the mess. Put shampoos and toiletries in cupboards and out of sight and remove any dirty towels or clothes from the bathroom and bedrooms.

Buyers often come with a critical eye, so lastly have a quick wipe down of all surfaces, get rid of any visible dust and cobwebs and wash those dirty dishes in the sink.

3. Accessorise 

Although it is important to get rid of any unnecessary clutter, making the house too empty can make it seem desolate or un-homely. Once your house has been given the once over with the hoover and all unnecessary belongings have been put away, add some colour and texture to your house with some cushions, a vase of flowers and perhaps even some candles to help bring the room to life.

Houses For Sale: Range Homes
Houses For Sale: Range Homes

4. Repair 

Many houses are in need of minor repairs which the tenants or owners just haven’t got around to doing. A buyer’s first impressions are important and noticing lots of things which need fixing, could be off putting.

Grab your tool belt and replace that bulb, fix that loose door handle, replace that broken bathroom cabinet and fill that crack in the wall.

5. Freshen Up

Before a potential buyer comes to view the house, open a few window’s to air the house. If you usually smoke in doors, try to take it to the garden instead. The smell of smoke can linger and you don’t want it to be the first thing your buyers notice.

If you have a cat or dog, consider sending them to a groomer’s for a professional clean; washing the dog’s bed might also be a good idea as well as removing all feeding bowls from sight.

Lastly if you consumed any strong smelling food the night before, ensure that the bins have been taken out and plates have been washed.

6. Paint

Bright walls, bold paint or wall paper with a heavy print, can often be very taste-specific. Consider painting the walls a more neutral colour to appeal to more tastes.

A fresh lick of paint guarantees a clean, fresh impression and can often make a property more desirable to prospective buyers.

7. Lighting

If your viewers are coming on a dull day, brighten up your home by turning on the lights and opening all curtains and blinds; cleaning the windows and opening curtains will provide greater illumination. If your window treatments are dated, they need to come down, plus, leaving the windows bare will help maximise natural light and give the impression of a larger room.

People love bright spaces, so if your budget allows for some renovations, consider adding some under-cupboard LEDs in the kitchen.

Range Homes Houses For Sale
Range Homes Houses For Sale

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